Rodney Blackney

UX/UI & Visual Designer

A Melbourne based designer with over 15 years of crafting meaningful digital experiences.

Design Experience

With over 15 years of experience, ranging from product design, startups, art direction, and UX/UI design. This has allowed me to create work for a diverse set of brands and companies such as Cricket Australia, Envato, NRL, Commonwealth Games, Tennis Australia, Powerade, Shock Records, Holden Motorsport, AFL, and Telstra.
UX/UI and Visual Design are my favorite areas of design, I'm currently working at Belong as Product Designer, where I've been putting these skills to good use every day. I like to design things in Figma, I'm also familiar with both Sketch and Adobe XD and also Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, and sometimes even Photoshop. I also like to manage all my projects with Notion and Trello and conduct any communication via Slack.
I'm constantly trying to expand and evolve my set of creative and technical skills and apply them to equally varied methods of problem solving and understanding. I believe that solutions to both high and low-level problems can be found through a combination of tools, processes, and ideas. Outside of my full-time commitments, I like to explore motion design and creative coding, reading many books, and seeing live music. I also have a side hustle of selling various digital goods online with Envato Elements.


"Rod was our very first, and by far longest-serving, designer at Envato! He's been responsible for a huge volume of Envato's product and marketing design over more than a decade created beautiful visual campaigns that helped generate millions for our community and was a staple of Envato's life!"
Collis Ta'eed
Co-founder Envato, CCO at Hey Tiger
"Rod is a very talented designer, he makes the average look beautiful and the boring look inspired. He built Envato Studio's entire design from the first logo of Microlancer through to the complex job messaging system. He speaks with pictures and seeks feedback which he takes on board simply and without fuss. Rod is also great fun to get to know and have around, he quickly became our team favorite, especially as he played guitar to our stand-ups each morning."
Layla Foord
VP Product GO1, Head of Product SEEK, GM Envato
"Rod's experience really shows in his technical design skills, from layout, colour and typography through to newer design skills such as responsive grids and animated transitions. Every design task he takes on just looks awesome. He was also a really valuable member of my team at Envato, bringing a great sense of humour along with his many years of experience on the product."
Chris Thelwell
Design Director Duck Duck Go, UX/UI Design Manager Envato
"Rod was fantastic to work with. He has an extremely creative and unique design approach which was consistently impressive. He is also fantastic to work with, bringing a kind and extremely funny energy to the team. I'm so glad I got to work with Rod and hope to do so again in the future."
Lauren McNab
Digital Marketing and Content Specialist at Envato

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