Visual Design
Envato Trendsetters

Striking visual design for a campaign focused on highlighting new authors design trends.


01 — Project Overview

Early 2019 The Envato marketing team desired a new look for a campaign focused around highlighting newer Envato contributors and brand new items, that are gaining traction across the Envato marketplaces. The team wanted to avoid the typical transactional look and preferred something more illustrative and photo-based, but not overly polished and most importantly they wanted it to look different than anything we’ve done before since it is a new campaign concept focusing on all things new and trending.


02 — Approach

Collaborating with the email marketing team and the broader marketing team at Envato I produced, numerous hand-drawn backgrounds and patterns, implementing a bright color palette, and executed custom animations that gave the overall campaign a handmade frame by frame look and feel. We want this campaign to be a bit over the top/fun, ‘like a fashion show screaming the latest trends in one hit".

Below: Social media rollout

"We want this campaign to be a bit over the top while being quite fun and vibrant, ‘like a fashion show screaming the latest trends in one hit."


Below: EDM Hero artwork for bonus day launch

03 — Results

The design trendsetters campaign performed well and the bright and bold creative direction resonated with the audience of digital creatives and buyers of new items on the Envato marketplaces. The creative was rolled out across various marketing platforms mainly the email and social channels and was the project was a success all round.


Position: Visual Design Lead
Duration: Mid 2017
Company: Envato


Developers, Customer Service, Product Managers, Marketing Manager, General Manager


Creative Direction, Art Direction, Visual Design, Project Management, Graphic Design, Sketching, Marketing, Illustration, Marketing, Animation

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