Brand Design
Wombat Alley

An urban-inspired brand for a digital product company based in Melbourne.


01 — Background

During 2018 I was approached to design and deliver a brand for a new agency, called Wombat Alley. The brand was to be inspired by the street art scene of Melbourne, where they were based. Using the Wombat icon as a kind of stencil as inspiration for the project an accompanying photoshoot tied the look and feel of the whole brand together.


02 — Approach

Using the part of the existing branding, the wombat silhouette would serve as a good starting point for the execution of the branding for this project. The bright color palettes were selected from parts of the photography taken of the Wombat Alley team, contrasting textures are used as a way to create a strong sense of recognition of Melbourne street art, while also used as a way complement the visual identity as a whole.


03 — Outcomes

The creative was rolled out across multiple placements such as social media, websites as well as various print collateral such as t-shirts and business cards. This project was completed in little over a week, the creative concepts were received well and the vibrant color palettes, textures and custom type tied the whole project together.


Position: Freelance
Duration: Mid 2017 - Ongoing
Company: Envato


General Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing Director, Product Manager, Designer


Brand Design, Project Management, Graphic Design, Branding, Logo Design, Presentation Design, Animation, Sketching

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