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Envato Logos

A streamlined way for logo buyers to connect with brand designers.


01 — Overview

Between June 2016 and February 2017, Envato Logos was a product that would help connect customers looking for a brand new logo or a refresh of their existing logo. Potential purchasers would be able to hire one of the many handpicked designers from Envato Studio's vast talent pool and receive a high-quality logo that people would remember. Envato logos would be an easy and direct way to brief designers and a fast way for businesses to choose a quality brand designer.


02 — Process

The goal of the project was to provide brand designers, agencies, and business owners with a way to connect to potential logo buyers. Buyers would be given an easy way to choose a brand designer and to be able to create a brief that aligns with the creative needs of their project. A custom briefing system was designed enabling buyers to choose from dozens of concepts, provide their own information which would entail color choice, layout options, and custom iconography all with a money-back guarantee.


"Hire one of our handpicked designers at Envato Studio and turn your logo into one that people remember."

Layla Foord – General Manager of Envato Studio

Below: Envato logo providers and buyers

03 — Outcomes

A new product by Envato was launched and tested, and an MVP was released. The Envato Logo's product provided a custom solution for a niche in demand from research learnings from Envato Studio. Launched for approximately three months, the product did achieve its main goals of providing an easy briefing system for designers and a great way for buyers to choose and brief designers. While gaining great feedback from its community, the product was unfortunately closed due to a lack of time and resources.


Position: Senior UI Designer
Duration: Mid 2016 - Ongoing
Company: Envato


Product Managers, UX Research,
UX Designers, UI Designers, Developers, Business Analysts


Sketching, Wireframes, Prototyping, UI Design, Product Design, Responsive Design, Interaction Design, User Research, User Experience

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