Visual Design
Envato Hack Week

An open brief to retro-inspired look for the annual Envato Hack Week.


01 — Background

During March 2017 I was asked to design a small sub-brand for the Envato hack week. Held twice a year at Envato HQ, hack week is an optional event where employees are able to pitch their ideas and work as a team. The Envato Hack Week is a chance to work with people you don’t normally work with at Envato, it's a chance to innovate and experiment! During this week the goal is to innovate, experiment, and hack on something you think could be better or enhance.


02 — Approach

In conjunction with a sole project manager, I lead and managed the creative direction and managed the eventual design rollout. With the audience being Envato employees remote and local the goal of the project was to attract attention and build enthusiasm for potential participants of Envato hack week. All participants in the Envato Hack Week would receive a t-shirt, stickers, and posters pack.


03 — Outcomes

Pitching a clash of ideas to represent this week I developed mood boards and pitched concepts that would represent creative ideas and healthy competition, the final idea ended was a mix of Baywatch, meets Survivor, meets 90210, represented the fun but competitive spirit of Hack Week itself. One of the most engaged Hack Weeks on record with many an Envato employee still wearing their Hack Week merchandise regularly.


Position: Senior Designer
Duration: Mid 2017
Company: Envato


Project Manager, Designers, Marketing Manager, Community Managers, Brand Manager


Creative Direction, Art Direction, Visual Design, Project Management, Graphic Design, Sketching, Marketing, Illustration, Print Design, Marketing.

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