Rodney Blackney

Product & Visual Designer

Browse what I'm currently exploring on either Behance or Dribbble. If you're interested in my design experience, you can find it on LinkedIn, Read CV, or take a look at my resume.

I'm always open to new opportunities and connections. Whether you have a project you'd like to discuss, want to share your work, or just say hello — please don't hesitate to connect.


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"Rod’s been responsible for a huge volume of Envato's product and marketing design over more than a decade creating beautiful visual campaigns that helped generate millions for our community."


Collis Ta’eed
Founder Envato, COO Hey Tiger

"Rod is a very talented designer, he makes the average look beautiful and the boring look inspired. He speaks with pictures and seeks feedback which he takes on board simply and without fuss."


Layla Foord
Chief Operating Officer, Rex Software

"Every design task he takes on just looks awesome. He was also a really valuable member of my team at Envato, bringing a great sense of humor along with his many years of experience on the product."


Chris Thewell
Design Director, Duck Duck Go

"Rod was fantastic to work with. He has an extremely creative and unique design approach which was consistently impressive. He's also fantastic to work with, bringing a fun energy to the team."


Lauren McNab
Digital Marketing Specialist, Envato

New projects, questions or anything else.

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